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Raw Food Intolerance & Environmental test Dogs & Cats

Raw Food Intolerance & Environmental test Dogs & Cats

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This bundle includes two tests :
(1) Raw Food Intolerance Test (2) Environmental Intolerance Test. 

A total of 420 Items will be tested.
At-home collection only requires 10-15 Strands of HAIR.  
Receive results in 7 Days.

5Strands utilizes bioresonance technology to identify temporary imbalances in the body that may be causing symptoms such as upset stomach, constant scratching, hair loss, hot spots, and paw biting.  These are non-life-threatening responses that can take several hours or days to appear.  Unlike an allergy, intolerances do not involve the immune system.

The Pet Raw Food Intolerance Test was designed for customers who feed their pets a RAW food diet (BARF, Ancestral, or Whole Prey Diet).   The foods tested consist of over 300+ meats, seafood, bones, fruits, veggies, oils, and several grains. The results will create an instant elimination guideline, identifying temporary imbalances and saving time and money!  

Once you know what food items may be causing your pet’s discomfort or intolerance symptoms, you can eliminate them from their diet and see if the symptoms lessen or disappear. After the 6-8 week period, you can then re-introduce an item one at a time in small quantities and see if the symptoms return.

The Pet Environmental Intolerance Test covers fabrics, cleaning supplies, grasses, trees, mold, dust mites, and other animal dander. Of the 105 items tested, the results will show only the items your pet registered an intolerance to. These intolerances are listed into three levels based on the response upon exposure. It can be difficult to eliminate environmental items. However, knowledge is power, and this report will help you to avoid these triggers as much as possible and try to manage any symptoms your pet might be experiencing (skin issues, scratching, paw biting, & inflammation). Unlike an allergy, intolerances do not involve the immune system.

For you to see ANY positive transformations, this test requires 100% interaction. It is not always just a change from one protein source to another and switching out to a different bag of kibble.  Sometimes, it means that you must stop feeding your pet processed pet food/kibble and start cooking for them or feeding them raw.  This test is not about a quick fix that will mask the issues and give temporary relief.  Get to the root cause of what is creating the unwanted symptom.

Our incredible customer support team is accessible via email or phone to assist you with any questions along your and your pet’s journey. When you get your pet’s emailed results, don’t be overwhelmed. Take a deep breath, and be excited to start their journey to better health.

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