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Live Well Dog

Holistic Training for Your Dog's Mind, Body & Spirit

Holistic Training for Your Dog's Mind, Body & Spirit

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Part of being a Live Well Dog is being a free dog. When dogs are solidly obedient and in a calm healthy state of mind they engage more with you and in all the things that you and your family do. Get the help you need to build a relationship founded on trust, leadership and effective communication for you and your dogs.

 Do you think your dog could be happier and healthier and more fulfilled with some advice, tips and direction from our best of the best in holistic training? Do you want some help in having a more enjoyable time with your pet in and out of the home? We have the Top Dog for you. 

Sign up here for a 30 min virtual consult. Shortly thereafter one of our team members will reach out to you to set up a convenient time and preferred media. 

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